Im Marcia Villalba. A young photographer from Finland… well not from Finland really, Im from Uruguay, but I live in Finland nowadays.

I love travelling and taking pictures from landscapes and people. I have a huge passion for photography since I grabed a camera for the first time. My friends and family at Uruguay refers as me as the “Japanese” because I am always attached to my camera trying to get every moment.  In 2011, I decided to get my first DSLR and then my passion for photography got out of control, I got all the tools that I needed to start capturing what I was seeing in the world.

Nowadays I keep on experimenting and growing my skill. Photography is an art and a skill at the same time, that needs a lot of exercising and practice.

Besides taking pictures I love food and travelling, so for sure you will find a lot of food and travel photography around here.  I like writing and sharing my experiences with everybody, so I have a blog that you can take a look and read about my learning process in photography.

I hope you enjoy my pictures as much as I enjoy taking them.

If you want to contact me you can write me a mail to yo@marciavillalba.com or leave a comment any where in the blog that I will come back to you.


Marcia Villalba





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