How to prepare for a pregnancy photo session

Next week I will be photographing a pregnant friend of mine with her husband, so I started reading about how she and her husband should prepare for this photo session.

We will go to a park and I will try to get some romantic and sweet pictures so they can remember this special time.

These are a collection of tips that I found around the Internet, next week I can tell you if they worked :)

In general, the clothing for both parents should be simple so its possible to focus in the belly and not to get attention from any pattern or bright colour in the fabric. Its also good to have free of logos, pictures and writing clothing.

For both drink a lot of water in the day previous at the photo shoot the skin becomes much nicer when its hydrated.

For her

  • The belly is the centre of attention in the pictures so its important to keep the clothing simple.
  • A blouse or shirt that is buttoned can be good or something that is really fit to the belly or can be unbuttoned to show the belly. Try to get some blouse or shirt that make your belly show off.  A tank top or T-shirt that is tight fitting and expose the belly can be good too.  Also some dress that is tight in the breasts and belly.
  • Pants, jeans, soft skirts are good. But they have to fit properly and not maternity pants with maternity panels, those they don’t photograph properly. Instead normal pants and pull them under the belly.
  • A jacket or sweater that unbuttons can be good way of showing off the belly.
  • The make up should be classic and clean, as you wear it every day and that you feel beautiful using it.
  • For the hair make it natural, loose is good, it has to be clean and tidy.
  • Get your finger nails and toenails groomed, sometimes  hands are photographed :)

For him

  • Try to coordinate with each other. Pick colours that match together. Get clothes that fit well and that you feel handsome on them.
  • Groom your hair and beard and also trim your nails if we want to make any hand picture.

In general I would say that both parents should feel beautiful and be classic and clean in their clothing and make up, but not loosing their styles. This will be a picture to watch in the future so its important to look the best of what you really are.

Some nice examples I found around the web of pregnancy photos: 




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