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Photography is a craft, and as all crafts for mastering you need practice. Last year when I got my camera I dedided to start a photo challenge, I started “1 picture a day” challenge, but after the summer went, it was really dificult to keep up and I was not able to continue.

30/1/2012 - 30/366 Murga Agarrate Catalina

January – My trip to Uruguay

On the 1st of January of 2012 a friend of mine told me that she was about to start this “1 picture per day” challenge and we should do it together so we can keep motivated and go around the year with a few missed days. Now the first 6 months are almost gone, i have more than 160 picturesand i still have more than a half to go. But this year I feel quite confident that I will complete it. I have to say that I have quite bad pictures and also quite good ones.

18/2/2012 - 46/366 Sorrentinos

February – Some food I made

The idea of this kind of challenges is to force you to learn to see pictures anywhere, where is something interesting, and how to capture it.I usually take pictures with my phone and most of them are quite bad quality and I don’t have a lot of functionalities on it.  I heard a lot of times that is the photographer not the  camera the important thing. And the important thing is to take the picture, usually everybody tells me that I have to carry my camera with me everywhere, but I know that that is something really difficult for me, so my phone works quite well for this.

12/3/2012 - 69/366 An idea

March – Some of the crazy ideas

Sometimes in this so long time challenge it happens a lot that you dont have inspiration, you are sick or tired and its 11 o’clock in the night and you still didn’t capture the daily picture, and sometimes some really nice ideas appear in the middle of the night and you surprise yourself. Other times you have a lot of time and you decide to take a weekend just to take pictures and so many pictures come out there, and its so hard to pick which one of those is the daily picture.

28/5/2012 - 143/366 Gurisa with a lamp

May – Lifestyle and my cat

But its quite nice to take a look back and see all the different pictures, its like a daily blog of my year without saying a word. And I imagine that anyone that doesn’t know me just by looking at my daily pictures can learn so much about my personality, life and photography style.

13/6/2012 - 159/366 Levitating over the water

June – Learning something new

Here is my flickr collectionfor the one picture a day challenge.

And I think is a great experiment to do. There are a lot of variations of this challenge, like take a self portrait every day during an year, or take a picture of the same object every day, or there is some daily topic that you need to take a picture about. I just decided to make the easy path, no requirements but taking a daily picture, maybe next year I can take a more challenging challenge :)



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