Juhannus in the city


Juhannus is the celebration of midsummer in Finnish. Its a traditional party and for sure one of the more important parties of all the year in Finland. It represents the longest day of the year and in some parts of Finland the sun don’t set until July- August, but in Helsinki it does. The sun rises at 3.53 am and sets at 22.50, that is a lot of time of sun light!

Sunset in Juhannus around 23

So I went with some friends to an island in front of Helsinki called Pihlajasaari. There my plan was not to take a lot of pictures about the landscape or make some good portraits of my friends, sometimes is nice to let it go and just have fun! I think for this kind of events a nice wide angle lens is great, you are quite free to make the picture without moving too much around. So I took my Sigma 10-20mm, and it was a great idea. This lens is not the fastest of all, but the sun was shining all the time so I didn’t need some lowlight lens.

Playing with the shadows

There are some important happenings in Juhannus, first the Juhannus Kokko (or midsummer bonfire), the sunset that happens around 23 and the sunrise that starts around 1.30 in the morning. I tried to capture those three events yesterday and some tried to play a little bit with the sunset, no photographic pressure at all.

Juhannus kokko

Sometimes is time to relax and just enjoy the moment and become a friend photographer, not worrying about all the manual settings and go with some aperture mode or shutter speed mode.

Some more photos of Juhannus at my Flickr.



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