levitation 2

The other day as I mentioned in the previous post we went levitating, but we end up not levitating at all, we end up jumping and making fun shadows and having a lot of fun.

To levitate is quite hard, the photography part is not the problem, after you discover which shutter speed to use and other settings, its not a problem. The difficulty is the levitation, the levitating person needs to focus so much so he doesn’t seem jumping or making an effort, its quite hard. We didn’t succeed, so we ended jumping in the sun, that was much more easy.

Some of the times we didn’t even manage to jump but the photos still look funny (like the picture at the end of this post ), the 10mm lens makes a quite interesting effect, making the model of the photo with really long legs and big feet. I love my Sigma 10-20mm.

If you want to see more of my levitating pictures, you can check my flickr albums, there are some of the best shots of this levitation experience.

Next challenge what it can be? Sun flare, I will like to keep shooting portraits and keep on exploring with people.



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