Phoneography its not a typo for pornography… its the mixture of phone and photography. Mobile phones nowadays have quite good cameras, 8mp or even more and they are always with you, so people started to make more and more photos with them. And also photographers started using phones as a way of making their pictures.

I own a Samsung Galaxy S 2 and one of the reasons I got it was the camera. It has a 8mp camera and a flash. I know that taking pictures with a phone is not the same than taking pictures with an SLR, but is usually the camera that I have with me. In general I don’t carry my SLR with me, its heavy and I’m don’t want to destroy it in some events like night clubs or running in the forest.

Take some pictures from different angles

A common saying in the photography world is that is not the camera, but the photographer the one making the pictures. This saying apply quite well to phoneography, the camera usually is not as good as your SLR but the photographer is making the composition and taking the picture, no matter how bad the camera is.

I have been doing this “1 photo per day” challenge already for 6 months, and I have to say that most of the pictures I took during the challenge were using my phone. And during this time I learn a few tricks about phoneography.

  • Have proper light in the subject. One of the biggest problems with phone cameras is the lighting, the cameras in the phones cannot get low-light situations quite well or high contrast ones. Try to find a good light for your subject.
  • Get close and don’t use the digital zoom. Digital zoom are not good! Avoid them, they make the quality of the picture decrease a lot, instead walk close to your subject and take a picture.
  • Keep the photo in focus. Keeping the focus and still is quite difficult in phoneography, try to get a sharp picture.
  • Edit your pictures later and use some apps! One of the coolest things of phone photography is the millions of apps that are available in the different markets to edit your pictures. Basic editing as cropping and fixing the basic settings of the pictures can be done, as well as giving different effects to the pictures and filters.
  • Follow the rules of good photography. And break them :)

    You can take some traditional photos with your phone

One of my favorite ways to solve the problem of bad lighting using my mobile phone is to take HDR pictures, using some HDR app the phone will take 3 pictures and then combine them in a quite decent shot. In Android I use HDR Camera app.

Other apps I use are for making panoramics, this are quite handy apps, that you can use the phone camera to make 8 pictures or more and then the phone software will combine them for you in a really big panorama. I use for Android Pano.

Then I have different apps to give different filters and looks to my pictures FXCamera and LittlePhoto are two of the most common for me.

Also sharing the pictures is really easy, just click share and in 2 seconds your pictures will be in the different social medias.

Some links about phoneography:



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