Tablets for photographers

La Paloma

I been thinking about this topic for some months, and I finally decided and bought a tablet. I think that nowadays is something that a lot of photographers think about. Laptops are big and not as nice to show pictures as a tablet, also traveling with a tablet its quite handy. And most of photographer bags nowadays include a pocket for tablets, so it seems that photography and tablets should be together??? Still tablets and photography are not a good match, however its getting better everyday.

I was thinking about buying a tablet and I make quite a research about it. The first question I asked was what I wanted to do with the tablet? I think this is the key question, the answer to it will determine which tablet to buy. My answer was that I wanted to see at my pictures but also I wanted to have the opportunity to download the pictures from my camera and do some simple edits (exposure, contrast and so on) and upload them to the internet (my web page, Facebook, Flickr). So basically when I’m travelling I don’t need to carry my bulky laptop to get my pictures out from my camera.  This second need make quite a difference in which kind of tablet I was looking for, because now I was needing some more extra processing power (to make the file conversion) and also some way of getting the pictures from my camera memory card to the tablet.

So because the second need an iPad was out of questions, iPads don’t have an memory slot and also don’t have a lot of storing capabilities.  I got quite interested in this series of tablets from Asus, the transformers. These tablets had a special feature, they are a tablets and also they have a docking station that contains a keyboard, a SD memory slot, an USB port and extra battery, that converts the tablet into a netbook. Also the Asus transformer are one of the most powerful tablet available nowadays, with a Quad Core and a quite good video card.

These Asus Transformers are Android tablets. Nowadays in the Android market there are some apps to see RAW files but not really a lot to edit them. So I think this is a limitation of Android now, but I think in the future more and more apps will appear. For iPad there are better apps, there is a version of Lightroom (that I hope it get ported to Android soon). For Android I am using two apps now cr2 thumbnail and photoMate. The first one its good for taking a look to the RAW pictures in your memory card, but its not possible to edit them there. The second one its a paid app (but very cheap if we compare it to other photo tools )and it allows to do some basic edits in your RAW files and then export them to jpeg.

Asus Transformed Pad TF300 + docking station

In general for me the whole process of getting the pictures from the SD to Facebook or Flickr or my web page its not as easy as in my Windows laptop, the process its much more complicated. But this is something that I will only do when I am traveling or when I don’t have my computer next to me. And also I think that the whole process will improve, more apps will come to the market to satisfy the needs of photographers as more powerful tablets get in the market.

  • What i got : Asus Transformed Pad TF300 with its docking station.
  • Apps I am using for photo editing : photoMate
  • To connect to my computer to get my files : my Net (preloaded app in the Asus tablet)

In conclusion, I will recommend getting a tablet, they are handy and light and totally portable. Great to use at home to check your news and your social media and also great to manage your photo collection. Still not so great to make photo edits but still much more handier than carrying a huge laptop around.

Other functionality that I didn’t try yet: Tablets can be used as to show your images in the moment you take them, imagine being able to show the photos to your customer straight from the camera in your tablet, that is possible with Eye-fi 



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