Fairy tales landscapes


Sometimes you end in some places that look like a fairy tale landscape. And sometimes you are even luckier to arrive to those places in the best lighting time, when the sky is a little bit cloudy and the rays of sun comes out from the clouds. And sometimes your luck does not go further enought because you only get 5 minutes shotting there, before the sun sets and the bus goes back to civilization.

This same happened to me. We went to Neuschwanstein castle in Germany. We didn’t knew what to expect, we knew that was the castle that Disney used as inspiration and that was in the middle of the Alps. We knew no more than that.

We also didn’t knew that the last bus from the castle was leaving at 6.45 and we arrived there around 5, so we got there enought time to take the bus (5.45) arrive to the top where the castle is and in less than one hour we have to be taking the next bus down.

As soon as we go off the bus, the first stop was over a bridge from where you can see the castle. I am afraid of heights so again I was fighting my fear by climbing that bridge that was really high over a cliff and only a little stream of water was running under us. But the picture was worth it.

The castle looked as a fairy tale castle and the surrundings helped, the mountains, the far away town the clouds, the cliffs. Everything helped. So amazing.

The after spending more time that I should there, I keep on walking, not knowing what to expect next. Until we arrived the edge of a cliff, where the sunset was happening! From there another castle was visible and the mountains, another little town and some water streams. In addition the sky was a little cloudy and the sun rays were coming between the clouds, amazing!

My question was how to capture all that magic that was happening there.I took my Sigma 10-20mm and decided to make some wide angle shots and try to get mostly of what was happening there, to many things that were involved in this picture and I need them all.

I would like to have more time to think about how make this shot better, at the end it resulted to dark in order to make the magic clouds pop out. I tried fixing it with light room, but it didn’t came as I was expecting it to come. But still I am happy with the result of my picture.



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