How to pack for traveling?


I just arrived from my 20 day road trip around Europe, and back to my blog One of the topics that I think comes out from my trip is how to pack or what to pack for a trip. I cannot tell what to pack for any trip, but I can tell my logic on how I made my packing and what I took with me.

But first I have to tell you something about what kind of trip this was. We were 4 persons in a small car (this means that the car was fully packed with luggage and people) and we were staying at camping sites and going around Europe in a quite hectic way. Also, any of my friends is a photographer enthusiasts. This means that I really need to pack light and also that nobody will really wait for me to position and put my tripod, change my lens or return in the perfect time of the day to get the best light as possible. This for sure was not a photographic trip, but I managed to take over 3000 pictures, and some of them pretty decent.

So with these things into account I sat on my living room the day before and grab my day pack (I wouldn’t take a bigger bag, it wouldn’t fit in the car), also my day pack has to be my purse at the same time, so basically in the day pack I was able to carry 2 lenses. Which ones? Hard question, I love all my lenses and I am still waiting for the affordable 10-1000mm 1.0f lens, so I had to pick. I picked the Sigma 10-20mm f4.0 and the Canon 50mm f 1.8. I thought that most of the places we were visiting were landscapes and buildings (as we were traveling around different European cities), so the Sigma was a clear choice, I can take quite wide angle pictures covering most of the buildings in one shot. And for night time and portraits I took my Canon 50mm, this is a good low light lens and also quite ok for making portraits of my friends.

Then I packed a couple of memory cards (its never good to run out of memory in the middle of the Eiffel Tower), all the cleaning gear and nothing else :)  I was thinking about taking a tripod with me, but then I consider that I will have that day pack with me all the time, that we will leave the camping site early in the morning and return late in the afternoon, and I will have to carry the tripod all around. Therefore I left it at home (actually I really didn’t feel the lack of it).

My day pack is a Golla Camera Bag (the pink one) , and all the weight of the camera goes to one shoulder. By the middle of the trip my shoulder was in pain, caring so much weight for so many days, so I decided to buy a new bag, this time a backpack, small one, from LowPro pro Runner bag. For this trip this bag was huge, but I used the extra space to put extra clothes or sun protector or my sun glasses :)

This post is filled with pictures from the first day of our road trip, the first stop was in Paris, France.



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