Last month I was for work in Singapore, obviously I took my camera with me and went in an adventure of photographing everything and trying to get the essence of the city. My type of photography in general is really green or watery, lots of nature and relaxed landscapes, Finland is full of those ones, so I found myself a challenge when I arrived to Singapore. As you all know Singapore is a city country, basically is a small city covered in tall buildings and not really a lot of nature around.

There are a couple of iconic buildings in Singapore and also some classical cityscapes, I tried to find those and also try to change the perspective of how the city looks, finding different angles and using always a Sigma 10-20mm, trying to capture a lot of things from far in my lens, playing with the angles and the colours. It was quite challenging because a lot of things were happening at the same time and with this wide angle its hard to not make a really complicated photo with a lot of components, I tried to keep it simple but showing a lot. Sometimes I succeed sometimes I did not.

I think in general when taking pictures is good to have some kind of idea of what you want to show and what is the end result even before having the picture, visualizating the lights and the forms. When ever I do that then I get a kind of good picture, if I just press the shutter without thinking the picture is just a picture taken by any tourist.

One stupid thing from my side was not to bring a tripod with me, I wanted to travel light so I didn’t carry a tripod, that was not a good idea. It was so hard to get good pictures with low light. I should start carrying my tripod with me, even it is heavy and annoying, the quality of the pictures will improve a lot. Usually during the golden hour is ok to take pictures without a tripod, but as soon the sun set and the amount of light is too low to take good pictures without a tripod. Lesson learn!

Now I am going on my summer vacations on a road trip around Europe, I will write more stories when I come back from my trip.




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