What happen when it rains?


I already wrote about photography with mobile phones, but mobile phones is a topic I really like and I am back to it with another post :)

On my trip around Europe there was a lot of rain in a lot of cities and taking out my DSLR was not an option (I didn’t took with me any rain cover for the camera). So what I should do? Miss all the lovely pictures what the city was giving me, NO WAY! So I decided to use my mobile phone for taking pictures.

I used my phone in a lot of different ways, I used it for example to take some friends portraits, landscapes and also some weird stuff that was happening around. The phone beside taking pictures can provide instant editing of the pictures. I used Instagram to quickly edit my pictures and I like the effects that I gave me.

I don’t see the problem of using mobile phones for photography, sure that there are a lot of disadvantages when using the phone. For example all this pictures I took were in jpeg format, therefore editing them in my computer make the quality of the picture quite low :( So most of this pictures won’t look good in big prints, but in general I don’t print my travel pictures. Also that sometimes the image stabilization with the mobile phone is not the best and pictures can be blurry or out of focus easily. And for sure the quality of the lens in the camera are not even close to the ones of a normal DSLR…

But taking all this problems out as is a common saying around, the important thing is the photographer, not the camera. There are nowadays a lot of photographers using their phones to take photos and then making books about them… so why not to use it as a normal camera?



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