36 frames only?!

During the last weeks I was doing an photography exercise. It consisted on, in a clean memory card take only 36 shots. Trying to simulate the film cameras where you only get a maximum of 36 pictures per film. So the exercise was to take only 36 pictures of something and if you make a mistake you cannot delete it or if something went wrong it has to stay. Also the idea was not to use photoshop, just take the picture and do the basic editing that the dark room allow you to do.

So the exercise took me some weeks, because I need to focus to do this. I cannot grab my camera an shoot everything that moves. I needed to  think every shot. I also used this exercise to learn to use the manual mode of my camera and the back button focusing. Using the manual mode was key for this exercise because it allowed me to know how each photo was exposed and what will happen with all the variables of the photo. Also I decided that for this I will use my 50mm lens, no other than that one. I love that lens and I know how it works. Besides that I tried to set up a topic of the pictures. I tried to take colours and abstract things. I think most of the pictures of my set belong to these categories, but some of them they just don’t belong to this serie, but well, I cannot delete them, they are part of my 36.

I have to say that this was a great exercise, I learn a lot about my camera, and how to make compositions. I know that the pictures that I took are not the best ones I have taken, but they were done in one shot, so I am quite proud of that. Usually to take a picture that I like it takes 2,3,4, 10 shots to achieve the light and the speed and what ever I want to achieve, but here I have to get it right from the beginning, so I need to think every shot.



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