Last Saturday it was the Worldwide photowalk, so I went there. I never been in a photo walk with other photographers before. Usually I go photo walking alone, its easier to concentrate and see things (at least for me) and not getting distracted with talking. But this seem like a good opportunity to mingle with other people and see how it worked. I have to say that I am quite happy with the results. We walked some hours and I end up with some pictures that are ok. Also I end up with some portraits, what is great, because I am trying to get more portrait experience.

I read before going this 10 tips for enjoying a photowalk and I tried to apply some of the tips there. I like the tip to bring one lens, so I did walk only with my 50 mm lens. Sometimes it was a little annoying not to have a zoom or a wide lens  but well I used my legs and found my way around.

It was a great experience in a social way, its always good to meet other photographers and share ideas and experiences and see how other people work in similar situations. In some cases you get to teach somebody and in other you get a lesson. Also by looking other people work, you can learn to see and how other people see their surroundings. Also going in a big group force you to talk slower, so you get to see more and you find more interesting shoots of normal spots where in a normal situation you won’t notice.

I definitely will like to this again, but I think a smaller group, 3-4 people is a great amount for making this a great experience.



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