Multi Exposure with flash

multiple exposure

MultiExposure, means what the name says, an exposure that is exposed multiple times on the sensor. Lots of cameras now a days allows the multiple exposure, so you can take two or more pictures and they will be all overlapping in the same picture. Also this can also be achieved using a film camera, you can take as many pictures as you want without making the film advance. But what we were doing in the Kameraseura workshop was a little different. We were trying to achieve multiple exposure with flash.

This means that when you set your camera to expose, and the whole place is in total darkness. Then the flash lights and the camera will capture whatever is light up, then the fire lights again and another exposure is done and that can be repeated as many times as exposure you want in the camera. This can be really creative, but the limitation of really dark environment generates some complications.

What we did was to set the camera to the Bulb mode, so we can decide based on the flashes the shutter speed and then put a high aperture, f8, f10, or so. Also a small ISO, 100 or 200. The we focus the camera to the subject and change the focus to manual, so it doesn’t move during the shoot. Turn the lights off and make the camera expose, some seconds later, the first flash flashes and then the second and so on. The pictures in this blog post are make like that.

There are some basic challenges about this multiple exposure with flash. For example if the subject is in the same position all the time (as in the picture of the guy with three arms) its really hard to get it perfect, because his face and clothes will be exposed three times (in this case) and if he moves a millimeter you can notice it in the picture. This picture is not perfect aligned and the eves look weird. Also some things can be really distracting. For example arms that are over lapping when they shouldn’t or some other piece of body that from one shot to the other overlaps with the next shot and make it messy. But after some practice its easy and fun. And a lot of things can be done with this.



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