Why film?


This year I learnt a lot about photography, I have to say that I improved so much my skills from what they were at the beginning of the year. First in the way I use my camera, now I learnt to use my camera fully manual, I understand the settings and what the effects each of them have on my pictures, I understand also a little better exposure and what is a “right” exposure. Not only in my technical side I improved, now I am thinking ahead my pictures, maybe not ahead in days ahead, but at least before pressing the shutter. I try not to photograph everything and then see, try to find the picture before pressing the shutter. I learnt a lot doing my 36 frames exercise. So I though why not to try film.

If the exercise of taking 36 pictures helped me a lot to improve, taking film photography will definitely help me more, because the 36 frames max is there and also other challenges. Like not having the instant feedback of the display. Someone might think why on earth I want not to have the feedback, and I will reply, because if you don’t have the instant feedback then you need to imagine the picture in your head and know what you are doing. Its a great exercise, thinking every shot and taking care of every parameter, make one shot and then you don’t know what to correct because you won’t get any feedback until you develop the film. That will help me with the visualization of shots and to learn better the different settings of the camera.

When I mention to my dad that I wanted to try film photography, he offered his old Minolta camera, so now I am really excited waiting to go home for the holidays so I can get my hands on the old camera. The camera is from the beginnings of the 70s so its full manual and it has a 50 mm lens. I will need a lot of classes with it, but my dad offer himself to teach me how to use it and how to take pictures with it. I will need a notebook to write all the settings for every picture, film photos don’t come with metadata.

I have such a long way to go still in my photography development, but I think that the only way to move forward is by making a rational decision on how to move forward, and also by taking pictures. Things don’t just happen, and photography as any other skill have two parts, first technique and then art. And by practice both can be improved.

Do you use film? Do you have some tip to give to me? Would you like to use film? How you will improve your photography skills?

(philosofical post :) )



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