Workshop – Mastering photography


A couple of  Saturdays ago I attended a workshop that Tom Hayton gave at Helsinki. The idea of the workshop was to take photography to the next level. Maybe the objective was a little too big for what one day workshop can do, but I have to say that I learnt a lot during this day.

The main thing I learnt was the pre-visualization of the shot. That is something every great photographer does, what ever is in a great shot make sense and have a reason to be there. So that is an important thing to take into account when to take a picture. Trying to think in advance, trying to pre-visualize the photo before taking it, and try to not stop taking pictures when I get the first good one, push it to the next level and use the good picture as a start point.

From the technical point of view I learnt about composition and exposure. How to make a nice composition, a good journey of the eye and how to make the picture tell a story by setting the different elements in the picture.

It was a nice workshop to make me realize all the things that I am missing and gave a new of ideas for improving my pictures. Now I have a lot of challenges in front of me, to start putting into practice all these concepts and trying to learn to see the pictures. Its all about seeing the pictures. Its not about the equipment its about the photographer, now its even clearer than before. Now this should give a kick in my one photo per day photo, trying to play with this concepts and trying to learn to see.



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