Happy new 2013!

felix anio

This post is all about sunsets, as the last post of the year. These sunsets were taken at Uruguayan beaches in the last two days. Days are amazing here, lots of great sunny, hot days and lots of incredible sunsets. I think is nice to close the year with a little summary of my progress. I think everybody should think now and then where they were, where they are and where they want to be. And sometimes saying it outloud its a good way of going forward.


This year was quite good for my photography. I started the year without a lot of knowledge of what my camera does, how it works and how the different components affect a picture. I started just shooting like a monkey, snap, snap, snap. Taking a million pictures in 10 seconds. Taking a million crappy pictures in 10 seconds… Not thinking about composition, lighting, lines, journeys, stories. Not having an idea how bad I was. Blaming my crappy camera for my mistakes, and not my skills.

But I finished the year, knowing how much I need to improve, knowing were a lot of my problems are and trying to work on fixing them. I finish the year with a great improvement of my skill, usually the first jump of improvements is the easiest to notice. Now I can see light in a different way (still I am learning on how to  capture it), I can compose better, I can understand lines. Still a lot of work to do there, but now I am working on that. Also working on not taking a million pictures, just taking more good ones. Learning my camera and the theory behind it. Trying to previsualize my pictures, trying to work my shots. Trying to tell a story with my images.


However I have a lot to work for next year, improve my story telling and trying to find a more clear style for my photography. Improve my portraits and take more of them, I discovered that I enjoy so much taking portraits. Improving my composition, lighting and quality of pictures. And for sure thousand things more that I don´t know yet.

Some ToDos for next year:

  • Take a photo journalist course – to improve my story telling
  • Take a studio lighting course – to learn to see light better and to manipulate it
  • Take more portraits
  • Get more meaningful travel and landscape pictures
  • Take some streetphotography in black and white film camera
  • Take some good photos with my film camera

So see you next year.




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