Merry Xmas!


Christmas is coming and I am going. In a couple of days I will be out in my summer holidays at home (Uruguay). I will be out for one month, so during the next month is possible that you get a lot of summery pictures from me. But before leaving to the warm south of the world, I want to leave you with my last winter holidays of the year.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I wanted to make some shots from the winter before going. So I did, I had a free afternoon and went to the center with the  camera and the tripod and captured some Christmas pictures. This post is about nothing, is the end of the year, time to enjoy with family and friends and to take a lot of casual pictures.

If you are staying in Finland and you need some inspiration for this Christmas season here is a link with 25 ideas on how to paint with light inspired in Christmas. And also some really nice pictures that involve snow.

Have a nice and merry Christmas with all your loved ones and I hope you get some nice presents (if some friend of a photographer is reading this post here are some good presents for photographers).

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