My first roll of film


I am quite exited, yesterday I went to pick my first developed roll of film. My dad for Christmas gave me a Minolta reflex with a 50mm lens and also an old Zenit. I was exploring with my Minolta during some days in my holidays at Uruguay. I bought a ISO 200 color film and started shooting with it. Mostly my whole film was cats and landscapes, cats are great models, they move around but they don’t seem to care a lot for the camera.


I have to say that shooting with film is not easy, you cannot see the picture you taken, so if your subject moves out of your focus, then you will never know that that happened until the film is developed. Also there are other technical issues that you won’t notice until you develop your film, for example if you forget to check your focus or if you don’t measure the exposure correct.

Another thing you cannot do film photography is think that you can use lightroom or photoshop. Well you can use it, but then you need to scan the pictures and when you use lightroom with the jpeg you lose a lot of quality in the pictures. So in this first roll of film the pictures you see, where the pictures I took, as  they were out from the camera.


What I like from film, is the way the camera smell (I know this is not a relevant point….), it smell as leather and its heavy and metallic, its nice to take a picture with it. Also its a nice feeling to think every picture, to think that every frame counts, that you will need to wait for a lot of time to see the pictures, you need first to finish the roll and then you have to take it to develop and then when you get it, you can finally see the pictures.  Its about surprise and expectation. In addition I like that the frame is huge, its a 35mm frame opposite to my crop sensor DSLR. I love the granularity of the pictures, how colors mix between each other in the film, how the gradients are. Also I love the imperfections of the picture, they look real.

I know I am a little crazy, why to take film when I can make digital film for free. Well, because I like it, and because when you pay for something you pay more attention and by paying attention, you see better, you think better before pressing the shutter, and these are skills that stick to you after you learn and can be used as well in digital photography. Nowadays I am shooting quite few frames, not that I am taking less pictures, is that I am taking less pictures of the same thing, I just set the camera and shoot and then in general I am happy with the results, so I don’t need to shoot 400 frames to get the right one. And film helps to improve that, to improve the ratio of good pictures over the total amount of pictures taken.


I hope you enjoy the pictures.




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