Back in Finland now, time flies and weather changes, from the warm and sunny India to my cold and fresh Finland. My previous set of pictures about India caused a lot of comments in Facebook, and that made me so happy, so many people making critics and giving new ideas it was great. I will be so happy if all my posts generate so much conversation. This is my last post about India, and I hope I can get some critics as well.


This post is based on the topic of my photojournalist assignment. The name of the assignment was “Relationships”, so I decided to take the topic to the relationship between Hindus and their gods. In India religion is a huge thing, people spend a lot of time and resources in worshiping their gods. During the weekend people go around the different temples and all the temples are full of people getting their new cars, buses, motorcycles or what ever they think blessed.


Temples are nice places, you need to remove the shoes and usually they are fresh and calmer than most of the other places in India. In the temple and surroundings you can find a lot of people making offerings to the gods, burning incense and selling offerings to the gods.  Lot of activities go around the religion, not only the people that pray and priests but also street markets and beggars sit next to a temple to try to get some money out from the people that visit the temples.


Not only the temples are places for worshiping gods, also rivers and places next to water. On the weekend we went to the shore of a river next to Mysore and there was a religious site, where people went to put the ashes of their loved ones, and then after that they went every year to remember the people they loved. People takes bathes in the water and make little sanctuaries with offerings to the gods. There are a lot of little statues of the gods around the shore and in different spots in the water where the people go and pray to the gods.


India is a really interesting place for seeing the relationship with the gods and the people, such a rich culture and so different from our western perspective of god and how we show our belief in god.

Note for my photographer friends, this time I tried to keep the photos in color, not that many black and white as in the previous post. In the previous post I receive a lot of comments, saying that India is such a colorful country and I should show the color. So this time I tried to keep the photos in color and try to take attention on how the colors are and relate between them, so the picture is clear and not busy. Thanks for the comments and please keep on commenting and giving feedback!


I hope you enjoy!



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