The Decisive Moment


The decisive moment is one of the books of Henri Cartier-Bresson. Who is this guy if you are wondering? Was a great photographer.

I have seen some of his pictures before but I never stopped a moment to listen how he thinks and to study why his pictures are so great. But the other day in my photojournalism class we dedicated the whole class to Cartier-Bresson and we analysed his photography. I was so inspired by his work that after the class I started exploring more about him. He has a very particular style of photography that I like a lot, its geometrical and has sense of humour.

Now I am trying to get some good pictures inspired in Cartier-Bresson for my course. It so hard, he was a master. Maybe later I can share some of my pictures with you….

In this post you will find a video at the end. Please take a moment to look at it, its a great video narrated by Cartier-Bresson himself about his photography, he is quite interesting speaker so the 20 minutes video won’t not boring at all! And also most of his great pictures are displayed there. He tells how he approaches photography and his philosophy towards life and seeing the world.



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