Humans of Helsinki


Another new project for my free time… I will need to buy new free time somewhere to be able to cope with all my different activities. This time is the project Humans of Helsinki. This project is based on Humans of New York. This project extended all around the world in places like Oslo and Paris for example.

I am part of this project with other photographers of Helsinki, we are a group of international photographers that live in Helsinki and we try to capture the different people in Helsinki. We will go around the city asking for portraits to total random people and asking some questions. Its a super fun project.

This project works on my shyness, I am quite shy when it comes to talk with strangers without any purpose, and going around the city and asking questions about their life to unknown people its a good exercise.


So if you see some of our photographers around the street, please say yes to get your picture taken and then share it with all your friends in Facebook.

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