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Basics of AWS Lex

In this video we are learning the different key concepts of AWS Lex, we build the first simple AWS Lex bot and then we create an integration with Slack.

Hello World Serverless

This video explains what is Serverless and how to create your first serverless application using Serverless Framework, AWS Lamdba and API Gateway

There is lot of more info in the blog post.

iOS Swift Tutorial with Firebase

This is a series of videos where we are going to create an Instagram like app called instaCat. We are going to use Firebase to get this app working. This is the first video in a series. In this video we are going to set up Firebase with our iOS app.

There is lot of more info in the blog post.

About Me

I am Marcia Villalba, a software engineer from Uruguay living in Helsinki. I have been working over 10 years in the IT industry, doing all kind of things related to software development. I am part of the 1% of hispanic women in computer science, a minority in the minorities.

Nowadays I'm work as a Senior Full-stack Developer at Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds.

Coding and sharing with others are my passion. I love learning new things and tinkering with different technologies and frameworks.

I run my own Youtube channel, in which I publish at least one new video every week. In my channel I focus on teaching how to use AWS serverless technologies and managed services.

I belive that everybody can learn to code. I want to make more people to be part of this industry and most of my free time I use it in this cause.

I'm also the Tech Lead in "Girls in Tech" Helsinki where I try to inspire more women to enter into technology and programming.

If you want to read my CV check my LinkedIn page.

What I'm doing now?


Pains and gains on migrating to Serverless

ServerlessConf - Austin, Texas

May 2017

Getting started with AWS Serverless

IoT meetup - Helsinki, Finland

April 2017

My story in tech

Girls in tech Helsinki, Finland

October 2016

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